Muscle Building with the Best Personal Trainer London

Muscle Building with the Best Personal Trainer London

Why would you want to build muscle? The Best Personal Trainer London acknowledges that building muscle has many advantages. The say that when you have muscle your body will burn calories to maintain your muscle mass and therefore muscle building also helps with weigh management. Muscle is said to be metabolically active which means it burns calories however body fat is said to be less metabolically active. So if your aim is to lose weight then you need to be aiming to reduce body fat and increase muscle. Remember to that muscles will even burn calories when you are not exercising.

But you may be asking is this muscle building for everyone as we often think of bodybuilding as a young man’s sport. However research shows that building muscle can be good for you what ever sex or age you are. Muscle building will involve some resistance or weight training which can be very effective in making you stronger and is also has a major impact on reducing stress.

Strength building is really important as improvement here will mean that you will be able to carry out even the most mundane of daily tasks with great ease right through your life.


Best Personal Trainer London shows you how to build muscle.

If you are looking to build that craved for muscle mass then the Best Personal Trainer London will help you by providing you with a great weight training program.   For those looking to tone up it is recommended that they carry out a weight training program prior to doing their cardio workout. By doing this you will be able to put more effort into the weights as if you did it after cardio then your body is more tired.  Remember weight training and resistance training will also help you to maintain the muscle you already have so it is an essential part of any training routine.

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To build your muscles your will need resistance training and a good starting point is to use your own body weight.  This sound ease but if you have not exercised in a while or you have never done resistance training this can be quite challenging.  A good start is to include in your routine exercises such as push-ups and pull-ups to strengthen your core.