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Good Glutes with Personal Trainer Victoria

Most of us are looking to get some well-developed gluten whether we are male or female. With well developed gluten you have more movement, have better performance and what is more you look good. Many of us work in offices or have very sedentary work which means that we are sitting for long periods during the day and therefore the muscles in our butts are rather weak. By strengthening these butt muscles or glutes can help with posture and also help you to prevent injury when training.

Personal Trainer Victoria work with lots of women to improve their glutes as most women want that firm butt. Surprisingly though many do not know how to exercise their glutes to maximum effect.  You may be surprised also to know that doing your squats and lunges does not burn the fat from you butt. We do need to come back to the age old theory that to get the fat loss we need to burn more calories than we consume by eating which as we all know is not easy.  There are still exercises that you can do to help you tone up those glutes however you will need to combine them with a programme of diet, cardio workouts and strength resistance training.


Personal Trainer Victoria Glutes Exercises

Personal Trainer Victoria has devised a glute’s plan which is a complete workout for your butt.  The program will give you a group of exercises which you can integrate into you training programme. However if you want maximum results then they recommend that you follow the whole exercise plan. The exercises also help with strengthening the whole legs from the thigh muscles like the quads and hamstrings to the calf muscles.  The plan supports weight reduction to as when you strengthen and build muscle then you are increasing the calories you burn.

Make sure though that you allow your body time to recover after an exercise routine. It usually takes about 48 hours to recover following strength and resistance training workouts. That’s why this program is good as you get all your lower body worked on in one session leaving you the upper body for the next session before returning to the lower body.